I am a single WOG...woman of God. And I mean "single" as in not married...yet. That is who I am for now. I now have a wonderful boyfriend and we are striving to be the couple God wants us to be and to do His will. God teaches me a lot thru my relationship and friendships. I hope you enjoy my stories.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Your vote counts! Will NBC be surprised?

Here's your chance to let the media know where the people stand on our faith in God, as a nation.
NBC is taking a poll on "In God We Trust" to stay on our American currency.

Please send this to every person you know so they can vote on this important subject.
Please do it right away, before NBC takes this off the web page.
Poll is still open so you can vote.


Let me know when you vote!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Finished Bottlecap Necklace! :D

Finished product! :D I really like how it turned out! I have this one listed on my Etsy Shop already and I can make them with any of my photography or with a custom photo/text from a customer! I hope these sell because I think its great to make something cute out of something that would otherwise be trash. I was able to get an ok deal on the chains so I can offer the entire necklace for 6.50! I am looking for other styles of bails...to see if I can get one that fits a little better! Or do you like the current one? :) Thanks for reading!

Bottlecap Works :D

This is something else I've been working on! I am using used bottle caps, that friends and family saved for me, to make photo magnets or pendants! Making something out of what otherwise would have ended up trash! That is fun. It takes a bit of fine tuning to get it all to work but I think it looks cute when they are done! What do you think?

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Got Lipstick?

Saw this for sale at hobby lobby. :)

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Why isn't THIS all over the news?

I am so sick of the media playing games with us. Good reporters are few and far between now. Especially the news shows now...it's all about ratings and pleasing the viewers! I don't want to be spoon fed the news or brainwashed by them choosing what I get to see! That is sadly what a lot of people settle for...the easy way.

When Bush overturned Clintons abortion policy it was all over the news. Where are all those "reporters" when Obama is doing the same to Bush?

"WASHINGTON (AFP) – President Barack Obama overturned what he described as an "unwarranted" eight-year ban on US government funding for family-planning groups which carry out or facilitate abortions overseas."

Can someone tell me ....WHY in the world are we paying for it OVERSEAS? I wouldn't want to pay for it in my own country but especially not someone elses! And yes I said "I" wouldn't want to pay for it because whether you realize it or not these "government funded programs" are taking money right out of your pockets! This is the "cut back in spending" Obama promised? That makes no sense! Can anyone explain that to me?

"Anti-abortion groups were up in arms and vowed to fight the move.

"We were prepared for this and we will work very hard in Congress to see what we can do to get this overturned," Judie Brown, president of the American Life League, told AFP.

"I think it's a horrible tactic to take toward third world countries if the best we can do for them is provide organizations with the money needed to perform abortions on their children," she said.

Tony Perkins, head of the Family Research Council, said lifting the gag rule was tantamount to "exporting a culture of death," and House Republican Whip Eric Cantor said he was "saddened by this decision and the lives that will be lost because of it." - www.rawstory.com

I am hopeful that Obama will wake up and realize that his plans and what he wants to do to this country will lead to nothing but a huge mess. But you won't hear about it on the news...so don't worry....they can't afford to let him look bad. They have another term to think about. And of course anything your kids read about him in school will be about how great he is/was as a president....think about it tho....WHO runs the school system? Do some research. Why do you think there is so much talk about revamping schools and changing curriculum? They do it all the time and all it has led to is the "dumbing down of our country" and the children are the ones that pay for it in the end. Parents need to get more involved in not only their kids schooling but also in politics! I know it sounds so hard and so time consuming and you might even get into a debate or two....GOOD! Get off your butt and do something about the way our country is behaving. I am sick of it....and you should be too!

Obama-Brand Heroin For Sale in New York

Hope! Change! Heroin!

Hope! Change! Heroin!

VIA Smoking Gun

They’re calling it “The Audacity of Dope”, while we think it’s all cutting a little too close to home for the comfort of those in the Kool-Aid Gang.

Sort of like Liza Minnelli coming out with her own line of vodka (Liquid Liza!).

Or Oprah marketing the most-calorie-packed, fattening marshmallows ever invented (Marsh-mo-prahs!).

Police in upstate New York have started seizing heroin stamped with the Obama brand, appealing to his followers who want to get high while toking on hopium (and not bothering to pick up their own litter, like they did in Washington on Wednesday).

We thought his followers would start demanding his name and face on our national currency (”Who was Alexander Hamilton anyway? It’s racist not to put Obama on the ten dollar bill! Benjamen Franklin was a lousy president — the hundred should be “The Obama”!”) — we never dreamed they’d stamp his brand on heroin.

Sure explains a lot, though.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Some things I've been working on...

Since I had to quit my jobs when I moved I have had some more time to do some crafting to try to sell stuff on Etsy! I can only job search for soooo long? A few of my items on my Etsy shop have been selling ok. The bookmark business cards and blog setups/revamps are what I've sold the most. I would really love for my photography to be selling but I am going to have to get more creative in how I present it I guess? Any Ideas? Sooo back to my point...I have been working on a few things...here is a sneak peek:

These are all one of a kind glass pieces that I am going to make into either magnets or pendants! I am recycling magazines and making them into useable art! :D I'm still on the hunt for all the pieces to make them complete tho...like the bails and I need to decide if I can offer the cord for a necklace too...I don't want to have invested too much if they end up not selling well. I want to make some with my own photography as well. Thats how the idea started but I really liked the idea of finding the art in magazines and reusing them to make pretty things! :D More to come!

Can anyone tell me who to complain to?

So in the last week alone two people I know have been laid off! The job market is terrible. I am looking myself right now too. However, mine is because I had to move because of circumstances out of my control. Which meant that I had to quit the 2 jobs that I was working because I couldn't find one job that would pay enough. Even though it was hard I did like both the jobs I had. It just makes me so sick when all I see on the news is stuff about the dumb bailout that is just taxpayers money down the drain. I mean...DID IT WORK LAST TIME? Why don't they give us lower taxes and let us keep our money! The ones who actually want to live better and get out of debt will do so and the ones who still haven't learned will waste the money and end up fueling the economy for REAL! (instead of a "stimulus package" that does not really stimulate anything but Government control) Or what about getting rid of the income tax? When people work hard and GET TAXED for it....that makes NO sense! TAX what people BUY! That way seems fair to me. But that probably won't happen because that would mean that the government actually did something that makes sense or is fair across the board. And it really wouldn't fit in with the whole "share the wealth" thing obama has planned. I mean it is crazy to think that people who work for their money should actually get to keep it?!?! Right! HA! What I think is crazy is people who are able to work but don't because its easier to take a handout from the government. Of course to them it makes sense. Because they are selfish. I am not talking about people who can't work! So don't start getting defensive! I am talking about people who can but choose not to. And really...they are thinking what I think sometimes....why should I bother? All I can find for work is a low paying job that ends up paying even less when they take out taxes so really...I'll just stay home and get paid to do nothing! The thing is I choose not to do this because even tho it seems like the easy thing to do and maybe even the right thing to some people because they can "stick it to the government"....its not. Someone pays for this choice. We may not feel it now...but our children will...and our grandchildren will. But all I hear from people on the news who are in favor of this bailout crap or the "spread the wealth" garbage is that we have to think of ourselves now EVEN when we know that our kids and grandkids will be paying for our bad choices because of our selfishness. Does that make sense to anyone? I don't want my grandkids asking me why the USA isn't what it used to be and all I have to tell them is that people didn't care what shape they were going to leave the country in for them. So I know they job market is bad...I am still hunting for a job. But I do know jobs are out there. I also know that people are being too picky. People are sitting around going into debt waiting for the perfect job to fall in their lap. Its not gonna happen people! Get off your butt and work somewhere you might not like to pay the bills! One of the two people who I mentioned at the start of this post is applying anywhere they can! This not the time to be picky. The government isn't going to help those of us who actually want to work. But the other choice to sit at home and collect a check from the government isn't a good choice either...think about the future of this country. We can't become a country dependent on the government for our livelihood. If we end up there....they might as well call us the Hopeless States of America.

*another venting post! :D

Sunday, January 18, 2009

a Burger King "Whopper"

This "came from corporate like that." wow.

Thursday, January 15, 2009


Another Etsian thought my New Orleans Alley Photograph was worthy of being posted on her blog! I am so excited! It is one of my favorite shots. And not only because of all of the contrast and the lines and the reflections....but because it is New Orleans AFTER the storm. It shows that there is so much beauty still in New Orleans. There is a piece of trash in the photograph...which in reality is classic New Orleans. However, there is so much beauty that it becomes part of the landscape and therefore a part of the beauty that is New Orleans. Thank for reading!
Check out her blog!!! :D

Monday, January 12, 2009

Every little bit helps...

News from Victory Christian Church

For more information contact: Charles Muller, 518-434-6100
Pastor Charlie Muller Selected As Finalist on "All The Ways You Care" Contest Hosted by CVS Pharmacy

Pastor Charlie highlighted for work in setting up city missions for children

ALBANY, NY (03/05/2008; 1259)(readMedia)-- Pastor Charlie Muller of Albany, NY was selected as a finalist on “All The Ways You Care” contest hosted by CVS Pharmacy and highlighted on Good Morning America. The ten finalists were selected out of thousands of entries. Each entry was awarded $16,000 dollars for their work in caring for others. Pastor Charlie was highlighted for his work in the inner-city, serving over 50,000 meals to children each year. His J.C. Club Children’s Mission has become a safe haven for inner-city children. You can read Pastor Charlie’s story at www.allthewaysyoucare.com.

In May of this year, Pastor Charlie will open a second center. This center will include clothing and other resources for inner-city children who live in at-risk areas of cities that are full of gang violence, drugs and poverty. This new center will also house a kid’s church – a church just for kids who live in these at risk-areas. It is always the children who suffer from poverty, hunger and dysfunctional families, but with two centers open, no child will have to go hungry in Albany, and this year many other needs of hurting children will be met.

Most people don’t realize that 30% of inner city children go to bed hungry. Every city has a mission for adults on drugs and alcohol, but what about the child? This year with two centers open and with the struggling economy, Pastor Charlie believes he will serve over 100,000 meals to inner-city children. Last year, during just two summer months, 47,000 meals were delivered to 13 city parks. This year, that number will almost double.

In 2006, Pastor Charlie traveled to Washington D.C. to receive the Jefferson Award for Community Service in upstate New York. His efforts in taking care of children has cultivated a passion to go to other cities and help other ministries start up missions for children that will allow them to receive the help they need. Churches from other cities have begun to seek out Pastor Charlie because they realize the great need to reach out to the victims of poverty, drugs and gang violence in their cities.

Pastor Charlie is Pastor of a 300 member church, Victory Church of Albany. Most of the members of Victory come from broken backgrounds, and the church looked upon as a hospital for those in need of healing in one way or another. This small church, located in the heart of Albany, has made a decision to invest in missions for children and hold outreaches throughout the city.

The church owns 38 pieces of property, including low income housing; two state-of-the-art children’s feeding centers with full commercial kitchens to make and serve all the meals; a 10,000 sq ft church; and lots of land that enables them to do outreach. One of the gems owned by the church is a 30,000 sq ft armory building.

Finances are always a challenge for a small ministry doing big things. But Pastor Charlie believes “if it is bigger than you, it is God, and God will supply all the needs”. Small churches CAN affect entire cities. Pastor Charlie has invested over a million dollars into serving hurting children in Albany, NY. He proves that as we meet the needs around us, God will help us in our mission. You can contact Pastor Charlie at (518) 434-6100 or (518)857-0726. To view the website, go to www.godinthecity.com.

Thursday, January 8, 2009


so for the past few weeks I have been trying to figure out ways to improve my Etsy shop! I have been going into the chat rooms on Etsy.com and talking with folks and sharing my work and I have made a good bit of SALES that way! :D

Here are a few of the items I have sold over the last 2 weeks:

These are my Custom Photo Cards, Bookmark Business cards, Kissing Duckies button, and Blog setup/revamp! You can see all of these items posted on my Etsy @ http://www.phototherapy.etsy.com

I have had fun revamping a few Blogs and made some new friends in the process!! :D One is @ http://www.WhimsicalPeacockStudio.blogspot.com :D

Let me know what you think of my items! I can print ANY picture from www.LaPhotoDr.com on almost anything from tshirts to posters to coasters to coffee mugs! Just ask! :D

I hope you enjoy my new items!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Soon to be listed on my ETSY...

I am about to try something new and offer framed/matted prints of my photographs! I have been encouraged by friends to list more of my photography on the site for sale. I had tried in the past and was not very successful. I do have a lot more choices now and I am hoping that offering the frame with the print will be an eye catcher for buyers. I am going to offer that any photograph on www.laphotodr.com is available to be printed and framed! (an 8x10 for 50.00) But I am only going to list it once on etsy. Too many pics to list that many times! :D So if you see a picture you like....and want it in the frame....just ask me! :D I can do that for you no prob!

I am also gonna try a few other items....let me know what you think? These are also available with any image from my website on them! I will make it custom just for you! :)
-- 20.00
-- 5.00

To order my JUST RELEASED poetry book (Layers) please visit www.BuyStacysBooks.com


I am a single WOG...woman of God. And I mean "single" as in not married...yet. That is who I am for now. I now have a wonderful boyfriend and we are striving to be the couple God wants us to be and to do His will. God teaches me a lot thru my relationship and friendships. I hope you enjoy my stories.


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