I am a single WOG...woman of God. And I mean "single" as in not married...yet. That is who I am for now. I now have a wonderful boyfriend and we are striving to be the couple God wants us to be and to do His will. God teaches me a lot thru my relationship and friendships. I hope you enjoy my stories.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

What are we doing!?!?!

It all makes me so tired!

I don't wanna think about it sometimes...because it just frustrates me that our nation has.....decided to do this to themselves

we just continue to drown in more and more debt as a country

And its only natural for the children to do as the parent...right? so of course most of the individual citizens are in debt too!

The blame is not fully on the Government tho. We as consumers have not done a good job of staying informed and being smart shoppers. We just put it on the plastic to "get the points". What we don't take time to realize is...the amount of money you actually have to put on your card (spending money you don't really have that ends up costing you twice as much!)...ends up being enough to buy 4 trips to Europe instead of the ONE trip you "earn" with your points. You aren't EARNING ANYTHING!!! Unless you are one of the few out of the population who really does pay off the card in FULL at the end of the month...you are on the losing end of the deal! You end up paying for that trip, that free shirt, that dinner, whatever the "prize" may be, ten fold when you add up the interest and fees you are charged!

We should not be following in the Governments footsteps. I mean look at the mess they are making of our financial system...would you really want to follow them? We also need to stand up and take control of ourselves. Too many people are looking for the government to step in a "fix" things. I really don't want to give the government that much control of my life...do you? They already have too much power and have had too much power for a long time now... which results in the situation we are in now.

We as a country should be fighting the raising of taxes! That is the worst thing to do in a bad economic time! It just makes sense to keep taxes low for the people. But see the thing that is hush hush from the government is...it isn't really about the "people" anymore...its about government.

We should also be fighting income tax. It is money that we all work hard for and YET we PAY taxes on the money we EARN! What kind of sense does that make? Tax the things we BUY! .... If you give more people more money in their pockets....history has shown that most of the country doesn't know how to manage their money...and will end up spending it rather than saving it or paying off their debt! This will be good for everyone. And really...the smart ones would use the money to pay off debt or to save for an emergency. Everyone splurges from time to time...but right now I think less and less are doing it because there is so much fear in the economy. If we all hold on to our money...it will only get worse. The government is holding tightly to "their" money by not lowering taxes (giving a tax cut to people who don't work does not count as a tax cut!) and by taxing our income! And like I said earlier...the child is going to act like the parent. So be careful how you act..and in this case....where the government is the parent....choose to be a Rebel.

DISCLAIMER: this post is me blowing off steam...if it doesn't make sense to you...sorry! ahah! PLEASE leave a comment and let me know your thoughts...I really mean that! I am open to discussion and want to hear your views! :D Thanks for reading!

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One of the most popular questions after Christmas is "Do you have any plans for new years eve?"... and since I don't really...haha I thought id throw it out for my readers! Maybe I can use your plans to make some of my own:) There is the option of a party...with games and such...its a few folks I know and a bunch of folks I don't really know tho...(which could end up being a good thing)...I have not committed to that just yet...wanted to see what else I (YOU) can come up with! :D

So please comment and leave your New Years Eve plans....help a girl out! :D

HAPPY NEW YEAR! :D I am sad to see 2008 go....8 is my favorite number! But I am hoping that 2009 is even better!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve Tradition...

Every year for Christmas we make pigs in a blanket and eat them when we get back from the Christmas Eve service! After we open our presents we sit down together and have breakfast before hitting the sack around 3 a.m. to recoup in time for BIG family Christmas on Christmas day! This is my brother getting them ready to cook later tonite! Yum! :-D

on the road again

Oh the joys of the holidays! In the end its all worth it though! Memories of time spent with friends and family outlast those of holiday travels. Merry Christmas Eve!

I think I saw scrooge yesterday ....

So I am pretty sure I saw a real life Scrooge. The ironic thing is...I think he was mailing a Christmas card! I was at one of the drop boxes finishing my stamp placements... there was NO ONE around when I stopped to do this real fast. The out of no where... I hear this loud BANG of the drop box door opening and closing and I look up and there he was, Scrooge. This old white man with thin freely flowing white hair. He had a bit of a slouch. When I looked up and smiled as an apology for being in his way it was as if his eyes said "baaa humbug"! As he walked away back to his car in a rush I really did laugh in my truck and say I think that was Scrooge! I hope that by the time I reach his age I am not hardened by all the things that have become "Christmas". Thankfully I have a great family who during these holiday times enjoys each others company. Ever since I was little it hasn't been about the gifts. Sure, I looked forward to them! What kid doesn't! But if I didn't get something I had wanted...come Christmas morning I probably didn't even realize it! Christmas eve and Christmas Day are filled with so much family time and wonderful church services...that it helps keep the focus on the true meaning of Christmas. "Jesus is the reason for the season" ...I know its an old cliche...but it's the truth.

So as you are out shopping and buying gifts...remember they are only symbolic and a mere representation of the True gift of Christmas. Jesus, Gods only son given to save the world.

Multimedia message

People buy ugly things!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Home Improvement...

I recently installed a door knob at my sisters new house! As a family we have all totally revamped their house! We put in new floors, painted, and lots of little touches that have made a lot of difference! I like learning new home improvement things! One day I hope to put all I am learning to use on my own house. For now... Ill practice on hers! ;-)

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Oh, Christmas tree...

My sister and her husband just bought thier first house! This is thier first Christmas tree. Isnt it fun that they had a white Christmas for the first one in the new house! I have pics of the biggest snow in Louisiana in twenty years coming soon! I hope all of my readers are having a wonderful holiday season!

Thursday, December 18, 2008


scrubs....is a ridiculous show. But even in all of its ridiculousness...it has good points. Like how we should all take the time to lay in the grass and do nothing. Or how it is important to grow and change...and let others help us along the way. No matter what we think...none of us became who we are today on our own. And none of us will move ahead in life on our own either.

There is something comforting about all of J.D.'s crazy mind wandering thoughts. It makes me feel a bit "normal"...ha...whatever that means. I've never really strived to be normal. In most cases I would consider "normal" to be boring. That is not my goal in life. What is my goal in life? That is a hard question. You would think by 27 I might have figured it out. I mean sure I have the general goals of getting married one day and having kids....but my goal in life....what is that? If I had to claim ONE thing... I think I'd have to say "to know Jesus and to make Him known"...as much of a cliche it is...it sums it up. Everything else can fall into place if I am striving to live up to my goal.

What is your goal in life? That ONE thing that you claim to be living for?

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A test from my phone

I am testing to see if i can post from my cell phone! I will be so excited if i figured out how to! I am texting my post to my blogger email! Hope it works!!!

BTW: The above pic is me and mom showing our Christmas Spirit!

Bad Commercials!!!

I am so sick of seeing bad commercials. And I don't just mean the ones that are annoying...I mean the ones that...are just bad! ha! I watch tv on the CW or on FOX and well...I am tired of watching "our old friend Bob" and listening to how he "enhanced himself"...this is really a common commercial on tv now??? Or how about the one with all of the "friends" who decide to "stay home tonight"...all of these single women who are dressed for the club but intend to stay home and talk on the phone with "hot local singles"...They roll around on their couches and frankly...disgust me...I don't want to see that. I have a few things to say about that...First of all....NO ONE gets THAT dressed up to STAY home and talk on the phone! haha! I mean really! Second...do they really think they are talking to some "local hottie"? The person on the other end of the line is probably "Thibadeaux" and "Boudreaux" is probably sitting across the room laughing as "Thibadeaux" sweet talks you out of your life savings! I am sure the money you spend on that phone call could be invested and produce MUCH more fruit than that phone call.

The history channel...seems pretty safe huh? WRONG! My sister and I were watching a show about Germany and Hitler....and the commercial comes....dun dun duuuuun. "GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS"...it was a mini-porno! I was sooo shocked. I mean...my sister records shows on cool things for her friends who home shool their kids so they can watch it for class...WHAT IF it got one of these commercials!

With commercials like these on during shows like "Everybody Loves Raymond" and even on the History Channel...ewhen I have kids...I will have to pay more attention to the commercials they are watching rather than the shows!

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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Ever get tired of trying?

I like to brainstorm. I know that God has made me a creative person for a reason. The hard part is...trying things....and trying to figure out what that reason is. I know one day that I will fall into the will of God in all of my creative messes...but right now...that seems a looong way off. I am a photographer at heart. I do not claim that to be my profession as of yet tho. I work to pay the bills. That means I have jobs that have nothing to do with my degree (English) or my passion (photography) in order to pay the bills. I work with computers and I work with kids. Yes, I have 2 jobs at the moment. This is because I took what was available...even if it pays less....so that I would have SOME income rather than NO income.

However, this complicates life though. I get home from work...and I am tired. I don't want to go anywhere or do anything. This is not a good thing. But at the same time I don't really have all that many places to go. The majority of my close friends have moved away. The few that I have here are really busy. Where is a girl supposed to go hang out? I've done the coffee shop thing and have not made any new friends taking that route. I don't want to go to bars to meet people. I mean what's left? ...bookstores? mall? movies? They don't seem like ideal places to meet people. As far as meeting people at church goes...I 'll have to visit new churches. The one I would call home right now...does not really feel like home. There were not many people my age to begin with and now several of them have left or moved away. I like the married couples in the church but they are not my age....and I am single...if I had a boyfriend maybe. But being the 3rd wheel is never any fun.

I just get tired of trying sometimes. Tired of trying different jobs, different churches, new friends, or how to reach old friends so we stay friends. The older I get the harder things seem to get. I never would have thought the friends I used to have....would be friends I USED to have. The only people who have always been there are my family. Sure, we have had our problems too... but we are family. I thank God that I have a close family. I don't know what I'd do without them.

As tired as trying new things makes me...I can't seem to stop. I am in pursuit of Gods will for my life and I know that doesn't mean that I am always happy or that it's always going to be easy...but I want to know that I am fulfilling Gods purpose. I think once a person has that...there is this peace that nothing can touch. I am close. I can feel it. I am a writer and a photographer. I just published a poetry book and had my first book signing. Once I got to my table and settled in (thats a story!)...I was fine! I felt at home... and I could have done it for hours. I hope one day I will get the chance.

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Friday, December 12, 2008

Kickapoo Ct.

Today at work one of the addresses that I had to put on a label had "Kickapoo Ct." for the street name. It reminded me of a friend who ...when something was gross would say "yuck-a-poo". It would always make me laugh! It didn't take long at all for me to find myself saying it too. This friend is older than me, very wise, and yet...can still be silly and say a word like yuckapoo.

As easy as it sounds to say that we all should find a balance between seriousness and silliness...it is much harder than it sounds. I think children (as immature as they are) may often have a better grip on this concept than most adults. I think this is perhaps because they are ignorant of the world. They do not yet understand the obstacles and the demons that seem to be waiting in "Adulthood". The older I get the more I realize how different adulthood is from what we imagine it to be as a child. As a child we think of "adulthood" as this sort of dreamland where we can do whatever we want cause no one can boss us around anymore. It is this place of constant joy and endless possibilities. I do not know many adults who still have that outlook on life.

I wonder if this is why God wants us to have the faith of a child? So, that we can see the endless possibilities and allow ourselves to experience His constant joy.

(SIDENOTE: just for fun I thought I'd share...about 30 seconds after I posted this blog a line in the movie I'm watching was too fitting...from Finding Neverland "somewhere during the last 30 seconds, you've become a grownup."...made me giggle.)


Have you ever had so many things on your mind that you just can't get a handle on any of them? Thats where I am right now. I have so many stories to tell you and yet I can get my brain to stop and rest on one! Soooo what I am doing right now is making a list of the things I want to share so that you can know what is coming and I won't forget!

Here we go...

Two left feet (a story about boots and walking thru life)
"what are you gonna do with the rest of your life?" (questions from an 8 yr old)
Kickapoo Ct (things that remind me of friends)
check engine light ( could be an easy fix)
"my blackberry and my touch screen" (a 5 year olds technology)

I hope to tackle these soon! I've got pics to go with the stories too:)

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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

test....this is only a test! :D

just testing this first post! :D more to come!


I am a single WOG...woman of God. And I mean "single" as in not married...yet. That is who I am for now. I now have a wonderful boyfriend and we are striving to be the couple God wants us to be and to do His will. God teaches me a lot thru my relationship and friendships. I hope you enjoy my stories.


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